• Strictly no re-uploading of our videos to your own accounts. If you see any dead links, please inform us via our contact form or mention us on twitter about it. 
  • You are allowed to share the streaming links found on this site — Any streaming/download link that is posted on are strictly not allowed to be taken out. Which means, no embedding of videos posted on the forums to your personal Blogs, Fanbase sites, Facebook, Twitter etc. Please share the the forum link instead.
  • Take out with proper credits.
  • If you wish to translate using our subbed videos to your language, please contact us first.
  • Do not rush us to sub faster. We all have our own lives too. We hope everyone would understand and wait patiently for our releases instead. 

We want to keep subbing for WINNER till the end. 
But recently many subbing teams' videos have been taken down due to of copyright claims. 
And since WINNER is only starting, we want to make all the videos that we have subbed from the very beginning available to everyone for as long as possible. 

To keep growing with them, please support us by following these simple 
rules so as not to ruin the fun for the rest of the International Fans.

Once again, you can only share the links 
we share on


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We are an independent subbing team for YG Entertainment's quintet boy group — WINNER. We are not affiliated in any form to any Winner fansite and/or forum. Please visit our forums to view alternative links for our releases!